Fury Roads Survivor – iOS, Android


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Concept, creative direction and game/free2play design by me.

Featured in all A class countries

Featured in UK and Ireland
Featured in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and major EU countries
Top 5 in Arcade and Racing in UK and Ireland
New Game We Love – iTunes Store in China, Hong Kong e Taiwan
Top 5 in Action Games in Macau
Top 5 in Arcade Games in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
Top 10 in Action Games in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iceland and Macau
Top 100 in 4 countries in Overall category
Top 100 in 6 countries in Games category
Top 100 in 19 countries Action Games
Top 100 in 20 countries in Arcade Games
Top 100 in 21 countries in Racing Games


About Daniele

I am a creative and entrepreneur in digital entertainment. I have wrote, designed, directed, teached and produced games, videogames, 3D animations, commercials and (soon) books over the last 15 years. I am a disguised nerd. And I am proud of it!
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