KINGS – Everyone rises then falls \ CITY DESIGN


This is the global map of “Opportunity”, the main city-level of MMORPG “Kings”.

This game design I wrote had a complex and articulated AI-reputation system which adapted itself to the general “city and Npcs” ones, in order to determine the “power” of the player. The very unique aspect of the game was the player really needed to form up a “gang” with others, but had also to grow for herself to gain power. So, the game design pushed at the same time the players to collaborate as a group (to fight other groups) and the single player to fight for her reputation inside her own group.

“Opportunity” is quite huge city is what had to be the city of dreams. It’s a mix of European major capitol cities as Rome, Venice, London, Prague and Paris, with some US flavors. Decadent and rich at the same time, it’s full of absolutely unique locations, airports, prisons, luxury islands, downtown and a complex system for movement. It exists a detailed description for every location.

About Daniele

I am a creative and entrepreneur in digital entertainment. I have wrote, designed, directed, teached and produced games, videogames, 3D animations, commercials and (soon) books over the last 15 years. I am a disguised nerd. And I am proud of it!

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