Fury Roads Survivor – iOS, Android


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Concept, creative direction and game/free2play design by me.

Featured in all A class countries

Featured in UK and Ireland
Featured in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and major EU countries
Top 5 in Arcade and Racing in UK and Ireland
New Game We Love – iTunes Store in China, Hong Kong e Taiwan
Top 5 in Action Games in Macau
Top 5 in Arcade Games in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
Top 10 in Action Games in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Iceland and Macau
Top 100 in 4 countries in Overall category
Top 100 in 6 countries in Games category
Top 100 in 19 countries Action Games
Top 100 in 20 countries in Arcade Games
Top 100 in 21 countries in Racing Games



Runimalz – Toys-to-life game


Creative director on toy-hybrid game “Runimalz” (iOS, Android – published by 505 games) both for physical and digital pipelines, creating the project from scratch and evolving it into a full feature product with original hybrid gameplay, monetization system and brand new engineered gaming board with all functions implemented.

I also directed the overall story, characters and game design, as well as level structure and dynamics within a dozen people team.


Glow – iOS, Android


A relaxing game inspired by Jenova Chen’s Flower. Concept, creative direction and game design by me.

Party Party

A party game for up to 4 players dedicated to mobile devices with tons of customizable funny characters like “Dark Father” or “301”, winner of 100k$ prize by Samsung. The game uses WIDI tech and smartphones as Wii-motes. I’ve been the Executive Creative Producer for this one.




This is a quick demo level of a game prototype provisionally called DarkWatch, made with Unreal Engine 3.

DarkWatch merges the Left 4 Dead zombie waves with the melee combat system of Chivalry in a believable fantasy world. The muscular power of 300 the movie and The Lord of the ring epicness team up to battle against a dark and dangerous force, inspired by Game of Thrones books.

I’m the project lead, author and level designer for this one.

FROM CHEESE – Released

This high rated Reverse Logic Arcade Puzzle Game has been downloaded by more then 1,5 million players worldwide. I’m the writer, intro screenplay author and creative producer for this one.

It has won the Grand Prize as Best S Pen app in Samsung’s Smart Apps Challenge.

AXL – FULL BOOST released!

Exclusively for iPhone and iTouch.

I’ve been Producer and Game designer for this sci-fi, innovative gameplay, strategic racer.

” The presentation is top notch, there’s plenty of content and it’s the closest racer to Wipeout that I’ve played on iOS so far, which is certainly not a bad thing. If fast and frenetic racing is for you, look no further”.TOUCHARCADE